Reverse Osmosis & Desalination Division

We continuously perform Research & development (R&D) to improve our product lines for chemical-biological and membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment, Created in our own process laboratory. The product lines include compact small plants as well as plants developed individually according to customer requirements, which are set up conventionally or delivered as modular systems. Customer-specific solutions can be tested in technology Centre or in pilot plants.

Our plants are produced by certified and qualified personnel, using the most modern production techniques. Our services range from comprehensive customer services, engineering consulting, and laboratory analysis to operate the water treatment plants.

We provide all kinds of water filters for Domestic, Commercial and industrial water treatment requirements. We offer cost-effective and reliable water treatment systems across UAE. We bring together most diverse technologies in the field of Desalination, Water Treatment & Waste Water Treatment.

The motto of our establishment is to serve the water treatment industry by enhancing the environment with the most advanced technologies, we keenly ensure to bring overall solutions to nearly all corners of the water treatment industry/segment. We provide turnkey solutions from conceptual designing to the process of commissioning to all parts of the industry, thus assuring every project's satisfactory completion on time.

Our Products & Services:

Reverse Osmosis

Seawater/Container Division

Municipal & Industrial RO

Temporary Site Office

Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

Sewage Treatment

Water Filters

Water Ionizers

Dosing Unit