Porta Cabins

We specialize in prefabricated structures like Prefab house, Porta Cabin, Portable Cabin, Portable Site Office. We offer you smart and easy solutions for all your requirements. The cabins developed by AKAA are reliable, easy, compact, best quality, durable and economical.

We design as per the customer’s requirement and specification with maximum comfort, flexibility and versatility. We build cabins which can be quickly and easily installed at your site with your specified requirement. We also help you in choosing accessories for your cabins with required furniture, electric fittings etc.

Our Portable Cabins are manufactured for making your site accommodation portable and comfortable even in a remote location. These porta cabins are used for site office accommodation, labor accommodation, store rooms, warehouses and many more. Our cabins are manufactured as per customer requirement and make every customer satisfied and giving them a good after sales service too.

Our motto for quality is to retain our customer by giving them a quality product and a good service.

Why Porta Cabin?

Porta cabin refers to Portable House that can be easily assembled and dismantled to shift. The advantage of Porta Cabin is that it can be modified and reconstructed.

Prefabricated may refer to buildings built in components (e.g. panels), modular or transportable sections, and May also be used to refer to mobile home.

Today we have prefab materials as per weather conditions of GCC. These are Eco friendly wall panels which creates green House. Porta Cabin is created in sections/Panels, and then transported to the home site for construction and installation.

These are typically installed and treated like a regular house. These are low cost houses which can be installed in few days as Sections of the house are prefabricated, the sections or modules are put together at the construction site much like a typical home/office.

We incorporate modern designs into the prefabricated cabins of today, there has also been an increase in the use of "green" materials in the construction of these prefab cabins. User can easily select between different environmentally friendly finishes and wall systems. Since these cabins are built in parts, it is easy to customize to the client's specific location and climate, making prefab spaces much more flexible and modern than before.

Prefabricated Office Cabin

The prefabricated office cabin is available in different sizes and can be linked end to end or side by side. If you want to expand your office without spending much or if you are looking for an office cabin on a construction site, you can rely on us.

Office Cabin Interiors

Our panel of experts will help in enhancing the interiors of the office cabins. A pleasant ambiance will increase the productivity of employees.

Multistorey Cabin

We have a fantastic range of multistorey cabins which will be promptly installed according to the requirement of the clients.

Temporary Site Office

Many construction industries want their staff to be away from the main office building. However, it is vital to do the regular office works, and companies build temporary offices in the form of cabins.

Staff Accomodation Cabin

Prefab accommodation units are made with the highest quality materials to provide a safe and functional accommodation anywhere you need it. Before installation, our experts will monitor the site to ensure excellent service.

Modified Container

Our modified containers are flexible and sturdy, which can be used for long term as well as short term purposes. This easy to relocate containers are built for office and living.

Prefab Mosque & Majlis

Though the country is blessed with some amazing mosques, some community lacks religious gathering. They are built-in good quality to last longer.

Portable Security Cabin

It is a noble act to provide a safe and secure space for the securities in this scorching heat. We manufacture and supply the best security cabins, and you can rely on us to show gratitude to your guarding employees.