Instrumentation plays a key role in any company that falls in oil and natural gas or even in pharmaceuticals and other chemical companies. We, from Al Khail Al Arabi Trading, are a renowned name in this sector. We take a special interest in offering instrumentation tools and equipment to these industries just so that they function smoothly.

We take pride as being the best instrumentation level gauges suppliers in Sharjah, UAE. Our specialty lies in visualizing the areas where our clients will seek our expertise in and then offering them just that.

Types of Instrumentation tools we offer:

  • Flow Meters
  • Level Gauges
  • Indicators
  • Sensors
  • & more

Why do our Clients prefer us?

We have been around in this industry for a long time. We have seen the changes happening in the sector of oil rigging and fracking sector. Our experts are skillful and ensure to give you just almost everything to ease your work.
We can be your trusted suppliers. To learn more how we can help you, call our experts today.

Flow Meters

Oval Gear Flow Meter

Coriolis Flow Meter

Electro Magnetic Flow Meter

Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Gas Turbine Flow Meter

XD Mass Flow Meter / Controller

Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

Gas Mass Flow Meter

Mechanical Diesel Flow Meter

XIG Series Industrial Gas Flow Meter

Orifice Flow Meter

Root Flow Meter

Panel Type Variable Area Flow Meter

Rotary Flow Meter

V-cone Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Vortex Flow Meter

Glass Type Variable Area Flow Meter

Wet Test Gas Flow Meter

Metal Type Variable Area Flow Meter

Double Rotator Flow Meter

Open Channel Flow Meter

Magnetic Flow Meter





LCM 15

LCM 30

LCM 60

M 7

M 15

M 30

M 60

Level Gauges



Fuel Dispensers


Fork Level Switch

Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter

Vaccum Gauge

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Gauge

Bimetallic Thermometer

Float Level Controller

Float Level Switch

Float Level Switch

Ultrasonic Flow Detector

Paddle Flow Switch

Piston Flow Switch

Thermal Differential Flow Switch

Flow Totalizer

Paperless Recorder


Ultrasonic Water Meter

Digital Water Meter

Level Meters

Ultrasonic Level Meter Without Display

Ultrasonic Level Meter Without Display

Small Blind Area Ultrasonic Level Meter

Remote Ultrasonic Level Meter

Ultrasonic Level Meter

Radar Level Meter

Radar Level Meter

Water Meters

GMD X Multi Jet Dry dial

WDEK30 Woltman Type

Digital Display Meters

900 DP

900 DB